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Our New Orleans animal control does not handle wildlife, they deal with dog and cat issues. They  used to do it but they no longer handle nuisance wildlife.

As a resident you can trap on your property. The problem is what do you do with it once you have it? Well you can call us. We offer a 65.00 fee to pickup the animal for you, relocate it or euthanize it in accordance with law.

Animal Control - New Orleans!

When it comes to dealing with these critters we offer little advice in regards to hunting them down and removing them - we feel that they really are not presenting a valid nuisance wildlife complaint at this point. They are coyotes and they are doing what they do. When an animal continuously is wandering into neighborhoods and attacking then they are a nuisance - but merely sighting one does not make it a nuisance.

What kind of baits do you need? Well it depends on what your trapping!

Go to out species pages to find out more about each animal and the things I do for each. This is New Orleans specific animal control baits, not just dogs and cats but wild animals. Wild animals in the New Orleans suburbs can be trapped with a variety of things but I guess my number one bait is marshmallows. I can only guess why they work so good! I think the marshmallows in the New Orleans night really glow!

Animal Control Baits

Animal Control Traps

Call us for snake removal but it may be gone when we get there. We can inspect your home and advise you on making it snake proof.

New Orleans Snake control methods, and traps

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Call us for bat removal but it may be hiding when we get there. We can inspect your home and advise you on making it bat proof.

New Orleans area bat problems, help and advice!

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When it comes to traps, I say get the right trap for the job!

You can buy traps locally at Home Depot, Lowe's, and many a garden center. I often recommend a cheaper trap from Harbor Freight tools if all your doing is trapping an Opossum - but it’s a cheap trap and doesn’t seem to hold up to our tough New Orleans raccoons and or Armadillos!

All of the best advise I can give is found here on our page dedicated to traps. If you’re looking to trap a certain type of animal check out our section on the animals, each animal has it’s own page where I talk specifically what I use to catch them and how I do it.

If you still need a professional - give me a call!


Quick animal control methods and tips!

New Orleans animal control issues

New Orleans area coyote problems, help and advice!