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Hiring a pro nowadays can be a risky business - be sure to follow our quick tips on hiring a pro and do not be discouraged by the first price you find. A high price may indicate a value not offered elsewhere or it could be a scam.

How does one decide?

Be sure to ask for proof of insurance and references - this scares most fly by night operations off immediately.

If you do find a contractor to be shady be sure to report him in our member forums.

Registering for a free account here will allow you to find a qualified person or company to handle your wildlife control issue. You can also get some free advice if you decide not to hire and want to tackle a job yourself.

People get ripped off everyday, don’t let that be you - educate yourself on wildlife trapping today!

Hiring the right guy (or gal) for the job!

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I found the above picture on the Internet and hope it reminds you that accidents happen and if you do hire someone be sure they are insured!


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