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To get animal control training you will need to go to a professional training seminar, give me a call and lets talk. I can probably recommend some good websites and some folks in your area who can help train you, or simply listen to your problem and offer advice

Animal Control Product: Training

Animal Training

Matching the bait with the animal to be trapped is easy if you know whats up!

Animal Control Product: Baits

Animal Control Baits

Animal Traps are all different, choosing the right product can be a mess, give us a call to help you determine what is the right size and where you can find one for cheap - that will work and NOT fail. Sometimes you can spend less - but ...

Animal Control Product: Traps

Animal Control Trapping

Clean up of bat guano is messy and often smells horrible. We can help with that foul odor. We have the experience to deal with and get rid of it - we can also clean out the old nasty soiled insulation.

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Bat Guano Clean up and remediation

Bat guano and insulation removal experts

Bat problems in a commercial business mean big bat liabilities - let us remove them bats and spare you and your tenants the pain of having the job done wrong! Bats can be excluded in less than a week, sometimes the next day!

Bat Removal Product: Commercial

Bat removal commercial

New Orleans bat removal from a residential structure requires knowledge of bats and bat exclusion techniques. Bat trapping is frowned on and sealing them in could result in dead bats. Bats smell and if you make a mistake - your bat problem could get much worse.

Bat removal: Residential

Bat removal residential

We solve bird problems in all 3 sizes. We offer bird netting, bird trapping and bird removal in New Orleans, westbank, gretna, marrero, mandeville, and as far as baton rouge! Get rid of birds today!

Bird Netting: Bird Trapping: Bird Removal

Bird trapping removal netting

Large armadillos, small or medium sized, we catch them all. Armadillos can be caught without bait.

We trap them and return the traps cleaned. We torch all of our traps to ensure we do not deliver a dirty or diseased trap.

Armadillo removal: Trapping

Armadillo trapping and removal

Raccoon trapping service: Includes animal pick, euthanization, trap replacement, and we torch our traps to ensure we do not transfer or bring round worm eggs into your home. Fire is the only known thing to kill a round worm egg dead right away.

Raccoon removal: Trapping

Raccoon trapping and removal

Sure you can do it - we can help! Bog Box stores do it all the time. We cannot license you do it or guarantee the best possible results - only a pro can do that! We can however teach you what we know and help you succeed.

We can deliver it right to your door!

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