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The average service call is 125.00 but we charge less for a simple pickup of an animal trapped. Usually it is 65.00 but call first to confirm that price as there are things that can affect the final price.

We service all of the New Orleans area as well as the surrounding parishes.

We charge a fee to offset fuel costs, time and travel expenses - my men want a paycheck and we do not take government money! No bail out needed here!

Service calls and animal trap rental.

If you called the animal shelter on the west bank, east bank, Kenner, or even Saint Charles you may have been told we do it for free. I have spoken with all of these agencies to let them know what we charge but if a new employee answers the phone they may not know that information.

We do not loan traps but we will buy back your old ones! Ask us about our buy back plan.

We do not rent traps - we do not want the insurance liability - period.

Trap Rental

Animal Control Prices


We charge anywhere from 65.00 dollars to 125.00 depending on the species and the area you are in. If it is further for us to drive we charge more. Call us for exact pricing.

Ask us about our trap surrender discount!


Call 504-338-7517 for a local expert called Charles Parker. His website is at http://www.parkerwildlifecontrol.com